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UWW World Wrestling Championships live video stream: Day 1 freestyle medal matches

Live from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, UWW presents the World Championships of Freestyle wrestling. Todays medal matches in 57 kg, 70 kg, 86 kg and 125 kg start at 10 am EST.

Today, is the first day of United World Wrestling's World Wrestling Championships, and Bloody Elbow presents live video of the action.

Today's action feature four weights of men's freestyle competition:

The 57 kg weight class, including Tony Ramos of the United States

The 70 kg weight class, including Nick Marable of the United States

The 86 kg weight class, including Ed Ruth of the United States

and the 125 kg weight class, including Tervel Dlagnev of the United States.

The competition in each weight will consist of three matches per weight: first the two bronze medal matches, then the gold medal final.

Wrestling will proceed in weight order.

Bloody Elbow has already provided previews of all the weights contested today. A Story Stream of these previews appears on the right side of the screen.

Action from both mats will stream below.

Full recaps will appear in the evening after competition.

Mat A:

insert Stream here

Mat B:

insert stream here.