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2014 World Wrestling Championships Day 2 results: American superstar Jordan Burroughs falls

In the final day of freestyle competition at the 2014 World Wrestling Championships, the Russians took the team title, the USA dropped to ninth place and Jordan Burroughs suffered an unprecedented defeat.

Harry How

On the final day of freestyle competition at the 2014 UWW World Wrestling Championships, American 74 kg megastar lost to international competition for the first time on the Senior level. In the semifinals, Burroughs, a 2012 Olympic champion, fell to Russia's Denis Tsargush, who Burroughs has beaten in their only two previous meetings.

To the Russian's credit, the match was all Tsargush, who went up 7-1 in the first period, and ended the match with a 9-2 advantage. After dispatching Burroughs,Tsargush went on to win his third World Championship with a victory in the gold medal finals.

Overall this was a disastrous day for the American wrestling team, capping off a poor showing in the freestyle component of the World Championships. Blame for this should not lie at the feet of Burroughs, who appeared to seriously injure his knee in a near loss to a wrestler from Guinea-Bissau in a surprising opening match. The fact that Burroughs managed to salvage a bronze medal is a testament to his exceptional determination.

I'd rather not single out or be too critical of any other individual wrestler; I know what each gives up and how hard each works. However, as a team, the USA managed to make it to only two medal matches, no finals, and finished tied for ninth place. While the method of team point allocation in the World Championships has its flaws, as a team, the United States should never finish behind Mongolia and Belarus in the freestyle wrestling's marquee event.

Speaking of the team championship: Russia ran away with it. They closed freestyle competition with an absurd five gold medals in eight weight classes, including three in the second day. This ruined my day-two predictions, where I went 0-4 in champion picks.

So to sum up: terrible tournament for the USA, and bad prognostication from me.


I hate wrestling.

Tuesday's (September 9, 2014)  results from freestyle competition in the Wrestling World Championships.


GOLD: Haji Aliyev (Azwebaijan) v. Masoud Esmaeilpoor (Iran), 12-7

BRONZE: Nyam-Ochir Enkhsaikhan (Mongolia) df. Artas Sana (Kazakhstan), 2-1

BRONZE: Yowlys Bonne (Cuba) df. Andrei Perpelita (Moldova), 8-2

65 kg

GOLD: Soslan Ramonov (Russia) df. Seyed Ahmad Mohammadi (Iran) by FALL

BRONZE: Mihail Sava (Moldova) df. Mustafa Kaya (Turkey), 16-11

BRONZE: Mandakhnaran Ganzorig (Mongolia) df. Azamat Nurykau (Belarus) by DQ, 8-7

74 kg

GOLD: Denis Tsargush (Russia) df. Sohsuke Takatani (Japan), 8-2

BRONZE: Jordan Ernest Burroughs (USA) df. Rustam Dudaiev (Ukraine) by FALL

BRONZE: Livan Lopez (Cuba) df. Jumber Kvelashvili (Georgia) by TF, 11-1

97 kg

GOLD: Abdusalam GADISOV (Russia) df. Khetag GAZYUMOV (Azerbaijan), 2-1

BRONZE: Valerii Andriitsev (Ukraine) df. Elizbar Odikadze (Georgia) by FALL

BRONZE: Samil Erdogan (Turkey) df. Javier Cortina (Cuba) by TF, 10-0

Team Standings:

1. Russia: 62 (5)

2. Iran: 45

3. Turkey: 41 (1)

4. Azerbaijan: 36 (1)

5. Cuba: 31

6. Mongolia: 29

7. Belarus: 28

8. Georgia: 23

9. Ukraine: 20

9. USA: 20

Team USA results

61 kg- Jimmy Kennedy

WIN Hamka Hamka (Indonesia), 10-0

LOSS Andrei Perpelita (Moldova), 4-6

65 kg- Brent Metcalf

WIN Yun-Seok Lee (Korea), 11-0

LOSS Mustafa Kaya (Turkey), 4-6

74 kg - Jordan Burroughs, Bronze Medal

WIN Augusto Midana (Guinea Bisau), 4-3

WIN Yunseok Lee (Korea), 13-2

WIN Rashid Kurbanov (Uzbekistan), 5-0

LOSS Denis Tsargush (Russia), 2-9

WIN Rustam Dudaev (Ukraine), fall 2:48

97 kg- Jake Varner

WIN William Harth (Germany), 7-0

LOSS Valeri Andriitsev (Ukraine), 3-5