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After attempted murder charges dropped, UFC's Thiago Silva says 'People will forget. They always do.'

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Seven months after his arrest on attempted murder and battery charges Thiago Silva tells Ariel Helwani that "the truth came out. I never pointed a gun at my ex-wife. Everything she said was a lie."

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Light Heavyweight Thiago Silva appeared on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour today in his first interview since all charges were dropped against him and the UFC announced he would be returning to the organization. In February, Silva was involved in a stand-off with Florida authorities that resulted in his arrest and attempted murder charges being filed.

Silva was accused of threatening his ex-wife with a gun but apparently she has refused to cooperate with the investigation, resulting in Broward County, Florida authorities dropping all charges.

Silva told Helwani that "the truth came out. I never pointed a gun at my ex-wife. Everything she said was a lie."

When pressed by Helwani who pointed out that Silva was never acquitted by a jury, and that "the truth didn't come out," Silva said he just "wanted to train and do my job and move forward with my life."

Later in the interview, Helwani asked Silva how people would react to his return to the UFC.

Silva said, "People will forget. They always do."

When asked what he learned from the situation, Silva's answer was "I learned not to trust girls."

Silva is rehabbing an injured knee after surgery and doesn't expect to fight again until 2015.

He also said he's dating someone new and that his girlfriend is expecting a daughter.

Here's a video Silva made to tell fans his side of the story: