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Live Roundtable: Is Alistair Overeem the biggest bust in UFC history?

Following his crushing TKO loss to Ben Rothwell, is Alistair Overeem officially the biggest bust in UFC history? The BE staff debates in real-time in another live roundtable.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Alistair Overeem is now 2-3 in the UFC following his 1st round TKO loss to Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night in Connecticut last Friday. His future is in serious doubt now that it's abundantly clear that he's not the contender he was hyped up to be. Considering the high salary (relative to MMA, of course) that he commands, it's quite conceivable that the UFC would look past the name value of Overeem and cut their losses right now.

As we look at the uncertain future for Overeem in the UFC, the question now becomes whether or not Overeem is now the biggest bust in the history of UFC signings.

Join us as the BloodyElbow staff discusses the topic below in real time.

Note: The text below are from our new 'live' Roundtable tool, where new replies to the conversation get automatically updated, so you can keep up with our answers as it happens. Keep checking back and follow along as we get this discussion going.