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Video: Ortiz and Bonnar cut promos, nearly come to blows at Bellator 123

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During a special announcement inside the Bellator cage between fights, Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar cut promos and nearly came to blows in a quick altercation on live television.

Following King Mo's second round TKO victory over Dustin Jacoby, Bellator CEO Scott Coker stepped into the cage alongside Tito Ortiz and an unidentified masked man to announce a special light-heavyweight match-up against Stephan Bonnar in November.

Unlike other in-cage announcements, each fighter was given some quick mic-time to cut a promo, before the camera turned to reveal the mysterious masked character. Seconds later, a brawl ensued that lasted a total of five seconds and provided undoubtedly the most cringeworthy television moment of the evening.

Watch the bizarre clip here courtesy of ZombieProphet.