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Charles Oliveira blames viral infection for bad weight cut

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Only one fighter missed weight at yesterday's UFC weigh ins, but he was way off.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Oliveira didn't look great at yesterday's weigh ins. Mostly he looked tired. Every fighter does, but there's always that extra layer of interest added to a fighter's appearance when they miss weight, and Charles Oliveira looked tired. The explanation of just why he missed doesn't do anything to alleviate fears that he may not be in the best shape of his life, going into tomorrow's bout at UFC Fight Night: Jacare vs. Mousasi 2 against Nik Lentz. Oliveira went on the record with MMA Fighting about his weight troubles, saying that he picked up a virus while in Brazil over the last week, but didn't feel like he was in a position to withdraw from the bout.

"I was sick for the past week in Brazil, and I was pretty bad when I got to the United States," Oliveira told after the weigh-ins. "I couldn't cut weight, and I'm not feeling well to cut weight, so that's why I missed weight. I had high fever, headache. I think it was a viral infection. But I was the one who asked for this fight, so I couldn't withdraw."
"I don't know, let's wait until tomorrow," he said when asked if the bad weight cut would be an issue during tomorrow's UFC fight. "We'll see."

Those aren't promising or confident words for a fighter heading into a bout against a tough opponent, even if it's one he's favored to beat. These also aren't Oliveira's first run ins with weight issues, as he missed against Cub Swanson, by just .4 lbs. For a fighter like Oliveira, who has been a bit mercurial in the cage at times, it's hard not to wonder about the prospect of him fighting under less than ideal circumstances. What may have been a winnable fight, could end up being a very long 15 minutes.

UFC Fight Night: Foxwoods takes place today, August 5th at 7pm EST, 4 Pacific. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more fight card news, updates, live results, and play-by-play, as well as all our usual post fight analysis.