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Henry Cejudo 'happy' with move to bantamweight for his UFC debut

Following his failed weight cut for UFC 177, and a Dana White edict, Henry Cejudo is officially on his way to 135.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

It appears that Henry Cejudo is every bit as eager as his fans to put his failed UFC 177 debut behind him. While other fighters *coughrenanbaraocough* have been reluctant to take the boss' pointed suggestions that they head to a higher weight, Cejudo seems to have made his peace with the idea. Cejudo's manager, Bill McFarlane, spoke to MMAFightingrecently about the decision.

"Henry is absolutely interested in competing in the UFC and will be happy to move to 135 pounds," McFarlane said.

Of course, this isn't a direct quote from Cejudo himself, so it may be best taken with a small grain of salt, at least in terms of Cejudo's happiness. Either way, however, for fans interested in seeing what he can do in MMA, this is great news. Cejudo is a fantastic talent, and should be a good enough one to compete at 135 as well as 125. Certainly some of the best current flyweights had no trouble competing at bantamweight. Maybe once he finds his footing there, he can look at cutting back down a division.