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Tweet of the Day: Ian McCall's gross, infected hand

Sure, these things happen in MMA, but... eww.

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

So, what's been going on with Ian McCall? He's a pretty cool dude in the flyweight division. Always good to get an update. Supposedly, he's been marked down to fight John Lineker sometime in the future... Just not the very near future, apparently. As today, McCall posted a picture of his recently injured hand. It looks like, after breaking it twice and undergoing surgery, he got a bit of an infection. Here's the pic he posted to his Instagram feed.

Warning, it's gross:

2 breaks 3 surgeries and now an infection lol ... This was 8 days ago and I'm all better now. I had MRSA years ago so I'm very susceptible to things like this after it's already in my system #handproblems

Hopefully the rest of his healing goes a little more smoothly. I want that Lineker fight, damnit.