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Chris Weidman fires back at 'old man' Vitor Belfort: I'll completely toy and make a mockery of him

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman has harsh words for Vitor Belfort, saying he's planning on making a mockery out of him when they face off.

Chris Weidman isn't a fan of Vitor Belfort's recent statements after the champion had to pull out due to a hand injury. He especially took offense to the Brazilian saying he just 'wanted to keep his belt during Christmas', and suggesting to have an interim title fight while he's away. Weidman responded and spoke about it during an appearance at The MMA Hour:

"I just fought in July. It doesn't make any sense, it's not like I've been out for a year. This guy hasn't fought since November. Actually, we were supposed to fight in July, and he had to pull out of the fight. You know why he had to pull out of the fight? He failed a drug test. So this guy is failing drug tests and he has the audacity, he has the balls to start talking junk about me not fighting? He hasn't fought since November."

Weidman continued his rant and detailed what he plans to do once they face off inside the cage:

"I'm going in there to embarrass him now. This isn't going to be a close fight. I'm going to completely embarrass him in that cage. I'm going to make him look like an old man who withered away."

"I want to completely toy with him. I want to beat him up standing, I want to throw him on his butt. Smack him in his mouth a couple times while he's on the ground. Maybe go for a submission, make him almost tap, and let go of it, let him stand up, beat him up on the feet, take him down again, just completely just make a mockery of him."