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BE Advanced Class: Reilly Bodycomb 'No Kurtka' Takedown - Single Leg to Back Arch

Reilly Bodycomb has released a sample chapter from his new DVD and DRM-free download 'No Kurtka', which focuses on dynamic, Sambo based takedowns for no gi grappling.

Advanced Class is very excited to welcome in Reilly Bodycomb for this next edition. Reilly is an American-born Sambo coach and competitor teaching out of NOLA BJJ in New Orleans. Reilly represented the United States at the 2008 Sambo World Championships and has traveled all over the world competing in Sambo, and was the 2011 Dutch Sambo Open Champion. Reilly also holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is active on the no gi circuit, recently winning the New York ADCC Lightweight Pro Division.

This video, sent to BE by Reilly, comes from his new DVD set 'No Kurtka - A Sambo Based Appoarch to Submission Grappling'. The whole set is now available for pre-order on Budovideos or Volume 1 is available right now for download DRM-free for $10.

Reilly specializes in teaching a dynamic style of grappling that focuses on the relationship between takedowns, guard passing, and other transitions and the submission opportunities they create. For a time, he was one of the hidden gems of the grappling world, but he is quickly gaining prominence. His Top Rock DRM-Free download is a pay-what-you-like instructional from a seminar he taught at New York Combat Sambo focusing on submissions coming off of passing guard that has gotten a good deal of attention for its potential to change the metagame of no gi grappling competitions.

Reilly is also set to teach a seminar at the very respected and forward thinking Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, the school owned by Ryan Hall, on September 9th.

As a quick addition Reilly sent over this gif showing the technique taught in today's advanced class being applied in a Sport Sambo match. (Note: If the gif is not animating, click here for a link to it directly)


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