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Bernard Hopkins hopes he is underdog against Kovalev, compares his legacy to Jazz musicians

"The Alien" wants Vegas odds makers to look at his age and assume he will lose based on that, and says that he enjoys seeing his legacy unfurl before him over multiple generations of fight fans.

On Saturday, November 8, at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins will meet Sergey "Krusher" Kovalev in an exciting light heavyweight unification title bout live on HBO World Championship Boxing. This week, a press conference was held to hype the event, and here are some highlights from the media scrum with the WBA and IBF champ, Hopkins.

On his legacy - "I believe that the names that i mentioned earlier on about those legendary jazz players that you worship the instruments they had if you had them, just like Ali gloves... that's the kind of company i want to be involved in or be talked about. when I mentioned those types of names and you mentioned those types of names, whether it's entertainment, whether it's sports, whether it's legacy, those type of legendary individuals, let me tell, they say certain people can't be replaced, certain achievements and certain people and certain events cant be replaced... When you have various things that are locked into your kids kids mind, a generation that has passed down or are remembering history, no matter what it is, especially sports, that's something that I can say that a lot of athletes in any sport don't get the luxury of being in a career that long enough to be able to reap the rewards that those in time, and that's a really big thing for me."

On getting respect in the sport - "Not getting props from, say 100 people, but there's thousands that do, its a numbers thing... I heard a lot of undefeated fighters that i fought were supposed to have beaten me. So I am kind of immune to that for good or bad... You can't fight a battle like that where no matter what you do, you going to not change their minds. It's just what it is, so I don't get frustrated. I'm thinking i hope I'm the underdog in this fight. I hope I come I 7-2 because 9 out of a 10, it ain't the boxing person making the odds. Some guy sitting somewhere, they see 49! Those odds jumping off that 49... It's going to come down to a 31-year old fighter, a 49-year old, and they're going to make the odds on that, so a lot of my guys are going to get paid."

If you are unable to view the Ooyala player above, you can watch the video on Youtube at this link here.