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UFC 178 results: Demetrious Johnson submits Chris Cariaso in second round

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Demetrious Johnson made it look easy, dominating Chris Cariaso and finishing him off in the second round.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Demetrious Johnson was a huge favorite over Chris Cariaso heading into the main event of UFC 178. Cariaso was looking to take the UFC flyweight championship from the only man to have ever held the title, but was doing so as more of a "best available option" than "top contender."

It didn't take Johnson too long to score a takedown and put Cariaso down next to the cage. While Johnson was active in trying to pass, Cariaso did manage to get to his feet where Johnson peppered him to the body with knees. Johnson closed with a big knee and heavy punches before the round ended.

The first round made it very clear that Johnson is in a completely different league.

In round two, Johnson took him down, improved his position and landed punches and elbows until the opportunity to finish with a kimura presented itself.

Johnson has now won seven fights in a row and fans are left to wonder if anyone can take the belt from him at this point in his career.