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UFC 178 results: Donald Cerrone survives rough first round, takes decision over Eddie Alvarez

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Donald Cerrone overcame a scare in the first round before coming on strong in the second and third rounds to earn a decision.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Alvarez made his UFC debut tonight against Donald Cerrone at UFC 178.

Alvarez had some fatastic early moments, grabbing Cerrone in a clinch and landing a huge flurry of punches that recalled the classic PRIDE bout between Frye and Takayama, except only one side was throwing the machine gun punches. Cerrone survived that and another big flurry of bombs before getting himself back in the fight, but round one seemed to be an Alvarez round.

In round two it was Cerrone coming on strong, landing knees to the body before working some heavy leg kicks. Alvarez appeared badly hurt by one of the leg kicks. Cerrone also landed a big left that did significant damage to the eye of Alvarez.

It was a solid comeback round for Cerrone, but Alvarez closed out with a spinning backfist. It looked evened up at a round a piece heading into the third.

Alvarez would land a heavy right hand that briefly knocked an off balance Cerrone to the floor. Cerrone came back strong a minute later, landing some heavy shots that had Alvarez hurt. Cerrone landed another big leg kick and Alvarez's leg had enough. Cerrone then followed up with another and Alvarez fell to the floor. Cerrone followed him to the floor and began throwing a flurry of punches.

Alvarez was able to get to the final bell but Cerrone's strong second and third round gave him the victory.

The official scores were 29-28 across the board for Cerrone.