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UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso live results and play by play (prelims)

Blow-by-blow coverage for the preliminary card of tonight's UFC 178 pay-per-view event, which is headlined by flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson defending the title against Chris Cariaso.

Join us tonight for live results and detailed play-by-play of the UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso preliminary cards. The festivities begin with two bouts at 7:00 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass, then we switch over to Fox Sports 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET for a solid four-piece offering.

Atop the Fox Sports preliminary card is former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, who's been sidelined by injury for just short of three years, taking on feisty boxer Takeya Mizugaki. Also on the card: Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal meets James Krause, kickboxing phenom Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson draws Canadian vet Patrick Cote and Brian Ebersole collides with John "Doomsday" Howard.

Live coverage will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET with the UFC Fight Pass prelims. In the meantime, feel free to peruse this week's UFC 178 Vivisection for detailed analysis and predictions of each bout.

Fox Prelims

R1: They touch gloves and Mizugaki whizzes a left over Cruz's head. Cruz hops in for a kick but both land shots as they separate. Cruz fires a right hand and follows behind it with a duck-under takedown and lands it with force, then goes berserk with a violent outburst of ground-and-pound as Mizugaki tries to scramble free. Cruz uses wrist control to isolate Mizugaki's right arm and delivers a frenetic volley of right hands until Mizugaki goes limp.

  • Dominick Cruz defeats Takeya Mizgaki by TKO (punches) at 1:01 R1

R1: Masvidal sets the tone with well-timed two-punch salvos that are delivered as counters. Krause finds the mark with a retreating right hand. Right body kick is there for Masvidal, who blocks Krause's follow-up kick. Krause darts into range and puts Masvidal on the fence but they separate after a brief struggle. Masvidal thuds a knee to the body. Krause sneaks a left kick under Masvidal's elbow and into his ribs.

No dice on Masvidal's spinning kick but he does connect with a jab. Krause looks to establish his jab but Masvidal is popping in and out of range expertly. "Gamebred" knifes forward with crisp punches and then backs off and lands another body kick. Krause holds his ground and fires back but Masvidal seems the more economical striker. 10-9 Masvidal.

R2: Inside low kick from Krause, who then flashes punches high to set up another low kick. Krause backs Masvidal to the fence until he makes some room with a long step-in right. Krause continues to increase his output and he's leading exchanges but not landing anything substantial. Krause lands an overhand right on his way into a level change and, after a little persistence, he completes the takedown. Masvidal gets the guillotine grip and easily uses it to sweep into top position.

Body lock for Masvidal to prevent Krause's escape; he lands a knee to the body when Krause peels himself loose and stands. Masvidal lands a lead right downstairs. Krause tries a cartwheel kick that's telegraphed and thrown from too far outside. Masvidal leaps in with a knee to the head and backs off to score with a right. Masvidal catches Krause's kick and sweeps his supporting leg out, then lands a spinning heel  kick as Krause is resetting. Krause turns the tables with a guillotine sweep after Masvidal shoots but Masvidal initiates a scramble and reverses position. Masvidal plugs Krause with a heavy shot as he's standing back up, and the blow drops him back down to the canvas. 10-9 Masvidal.

R3: Lead jab to the body from Masvidal. Krause lands a pawing jab. It's answered by a jab from Masvidal. Left body kick and jab is there for Krause but he eats another right hand/right body kick medley from Masvidal. Masvidal hits a takedown partially but Krause pops back up and circles off the fence with an underhook/collar tie.

Masvidal keeps the pressure on by clinching up and hitting another takedown; Krause labors back to his feet but he's losing precious time. The counter-takedown and high kick aren't there for Krause. Masvidal plunges a one-two through Krause's defense and they stalemate in the clinch again. With 60 seconds left, Krause dings Masvidal with a shot, then scores with another, which prompts a reactive takedown from Masvidal, who closes the round on top. 10-9 Masvidal -- I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Jorge Masvidal defeats James Krause by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

R1: Thompson starts off in a completely closed stance. After an uneventful period, Cote rushes in and puts Thompson on the fence. Thompson circles off and they break. Cote with a hard outside low kick and a charging volley of short punches. Thompson keeps him at bay with a front-leg side kick and then connects with a right cross. Now it's long, probing jabs from Thompson and a quick left kick to the ribs while circling out.

Cote catches Thompson's next kick and steers him to the fence, but can't convert on the single nor the double-leg he switches to. Two short up-knees to the body from Thompson before they separate after a scramble. Chambered roundhouse kick from Thompson but Cote gets a glove in front of it, then changes to southpaw. Cote lunges forward with a straight one-two but Thompson dodges it. Cote dives on a single but nothin's doin'. 10-9 Thompson.

R2: Thompson stings Cote with a long jab while gliding to his left. Thompson waiting on Cote's straight-line attacks to counter-punch from angles, and it's turning the momentum his way. Cote lands an outside low kick but Thompson counters with a straight right. Outside low kick is there for Thompson; now a check hook. Cote compensates for Thompson's tricky range and gets a left in.

Now a right cross for Cote. Thompson switches to southpaw long enough to lance a right jab through. Cote shoots but Thompson stuffs it and spikes down a pair of elbows to the head with 90 seconds left. Thompson has his hands down at toe-to-toe range, beaming with confidence. He angles away from Cote's combination and lands a sharp kick. Thompson darts in between Cote's flurries twice with punches and connects flush on the second exchange. 10-9 Thompson.

R3: Cote sweeps a right hook across the pocket and catches Thompson. More tight-range thunder from Cote on the next engagement but he misses badly on the running knee-tap. Thompson digs his shin into Cote's lower/outer leg and then unhinges a high kick that lands with the foot. Cote acknowledges it with a nod. Long jab for Thompson. Cote gets in on a single leg but can't run the pipe, and they restart in the center.

Thompson bores another jab in. Cote seems befuddled by Thompson's incessant angles and counter-punching, and his output dwindles. Thompson stuffs another jab down his throat. Cote lunges in with a right hand that glances but Thompson blasts him off his feet with a counter right on the next exchange. Thompson dings him with a straight right and Cote is still off-balance and out of sorts. Cote shoots a sloppy takedown and pulls guard but Thompson wisely backs up to let him stand. Back spinning roundhouse kick from Thompson sails dangerously over Cote's head but he bobs the Canadian's head back with successive punches to close the frame. 10-9 Thompson -- I have it a clean sweep for him.

  • Stephen Thompson defeats Patrick Cote by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

R1: Overhand left and left high kick start things off for Ebersole, though Howard blocks both. Ebersole changes levels and does his weird "thigh slap" move. Howard slips a counter left hook through on the next exchange. They clinch and Ebersole keeps Howard on the cage with an underhook and throws knees to the thigh. Ebersole gets a body lock but the ref steps in to separate them. Ebersole lands a light outside low kick, Howard digs a nasty one right back at him but Ebersole changes levels an gets a double leg.

Ebersole gets the back ride during the ensuing scramble and grapevines Howard's left leg. Now Ebersole gets back control but only has one hook in. Howard stands up and tries to slip out the back door and can't, but succeeds on his second attempt. Howard eats an up-kick as he's diving into Ebersole's guard and we pause for the illegal blow to a downed fighter. Howard lets his hands go recklessly to close the frame. 10-9 Ebersole.

R2: Another rugged outside low kick from Howard to start the second, followed by a flurry of heavy punches. Ebersole counter-clinches to stem the outburst but Howard goes right back to work on the clinch break. Quick left cross lands for Ebersole but Howard uses an underhook to stave off his double leg, then he gets a body lock and takes Ebersole down with an outside trip. Ebersole tries to elevate Howard's hips as he's stepping into half guard but Howard succeeds and reaches across for the kimura grip.

Ebersole nearly takes Howard's back when he's out of danger but it's Howard who transitions to back mount with both hooks in. Ebersole hand-fights the choke and throws punches over his head. Ebersole goes two-on-one and spins into Howard's guard. Howard sits up and dives on a counter single, driving through until he completes it. 10-9 Howard.

R3: Chopping outside low kick and left hook from Howard. Ebersole snaps a quick one-two through Howard's guard. They clinch up and Howard bullies Ebersole into the fence, lowering for a double leg and then switching to a single -- Ebersole stifles him and cracks him with a horizontal elbow on the break, though Howard partially deflects it. Ebersole shoots with no set up and Howard easily stuffs it with the front headlock. Another elbow on the clinch break for Ebersole.

Sharp low kick from Howard. Left body kick for Ebersole but Howard answers with another low kick. Now an inside low kick lands for Howard, who then catches Ebersole's knee strike and puts him back on the fence. They exchange left hooks on the break but Howard's seems to have more mustard on it. Ebersole's shot is countered by a strong front headlock from Howard. Howard cracks Ebersole with an inside low kick and Ebersole slips a left cross through. 10-9 Howard -- I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Brian Ebersole defeats John Howard by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Fight Pass Prelims

R1: Tuck steps in with a right knee to the midsection. Lee responds with a big right high kick but he can't keep Tuck in a strong Thai plum grip. Tuck lands a right kick but Lee gets a glove in front of his left high kick. Lee slips around to the rear waist cinch after they tie up and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Tuck is slippery and back to his feet but, after a battle for underhooks against the fence, Lee hits a trip from the body lock.

Tuck closes his guard and spins his head off the fence with a slick armbar attempt. Lee slides his arm out and it allows Tuck the time and space to stand back up. Lee thuds a knee to the ribs. Lee's next knee is unintentionally low and we pause for our third low blow in three rounds of action thus far. They restart with 70 ticks on the clock. Tuck counters Lee's front kick with a right that lands. Lee shoots a double and pins Tuck on the fence with it, then looks to pick the ankle, all to no avail. 10-10 for no discernible advantage on either side.

R2: Tuck bounces a kick off Lee's cup but Lee just waves it off and whirs a combination. Now Tuck catches Lee to the cup and referee Jason Herzog, who'd already warned Tuck for the previous infraction, deducts one point from Tuck. Lee throws his hands but gets caught with a knee as Tuck anticipates his level change. Lee bails on his double leg and lands a left/right hook combo the body. Tuck circles off the fence but Lee puts his back on it again; Tuck lands elbows to the back and they separate.

Lee barges into range again and this time gets deep enough on Tuck's hips to secure the double leg. Tuck closes his guard and controls Lee's head, but Lee gets a right hand through before Tuck regains control. Tuck slings a leg over and cinches up a triangle but it's too loose and Lee pulls his head out. After the attempt, Lee breaks Tuck's posture control and lands a volley of short shots before they're stood up. 10-9 Lee by a narrow margin but it's 10-8 with the point deduction.

R3: Tuck lands a teep to the chest to start the final frame. Lee whiffs with two overhand rights and blocks a pair of left high kicks from Tuck but shakes his blocking arm out after defending them. Tuck blocks Lee's right high kick. Lee stabs a punch through Tuck's defense and it knocks his mouthguard loose, and he oddly follows its path on the canvas, apparently trying to pick it up. The distraction allows a Lee takedown and the ref freezes them in place to reinstall Tuck's mouthpiece. Meanwhile, Lee is able to posture up and hammer down enough punishment to bust Tuck's face open.

Tuck has his head trapped in a corner and Lee capitalizes on the position with stifling control and a few peppering elbows. Tuck gets wrist control and nearly takes Lee's back but eats more punches after the unsuccessful attempt. Tuck manages to get his head off the fence and shows good spirit with an armbar attempt despite wearing a mask of crimson. Lee keeps a heavy base and manages to ride out the round on top and throwing punches. 10-9 Lee. I have it 30-27 Lee.

  • Kevin Lee defeats Jon Tuck by unanimous decision (30-26 x 3)

Manny Gamburyan vs. Cody Gibson

R1: Gamburyan leads the exchanges but he's cautiously unleashing his combos. Gibson scores the first solid blow with a counter shot after a failed takedown attempt from Gamburyan, then he tags him with a right cross. Gibson amplifies his aggression with short bursts of clean punches, and it slows Gamburyan's forward pressure. Right roundhouse kick to the body for Gamburyan.They tangle up in the clinch in the center of the cage and either Gibson tosses Gamburyan with frightening ease or the Team Hayastan Judoka lost his balance.

Gamburyan scrambles back to his feet but takes an accidental blow to the cup. After a short pause, it's Gibson flinging jab in Gamburyan's face. Gamburyan answers a Gibson jab with a right hand and ducks under a spinning high kick. Gamburyan wearing some damage under his left eye from Gibson's handiwork and Gibson keeps working his jab. Gibson stings him with a quick right cross but gets taken down when trying to pounce on what looked like a stunned Gamburyan. Gibson turns his deep half guard into a counter single and gets back to his feet, landing shots from the clinch before the horn sounds. 10-9 Gibson.

R2: Gamburyan charges with a mean flurry of wide punches that steer Gibson into the fence but Gibson cracks Gamburyan's cup with a left kick as they separate. We pause as Gamburyan walks it off. On the restart, Gamburyan gets plastered with a right-hand counter to his outside low kick, and it drops him. Gibson stomps on the gas, heaving big punches while in hot pursuit of the retreating Gamburyan. Gamburyan takes a knee after Gibson corners him and lands a few knees to the body, but Gibson drills him in the ribs with another knee. Gamburyan responds with a knee of his own after he regains his footing and they reset in the center.

More long jabs from Gibson as Gamburyan looks to counter with left hooks. Both fighters whiff on a kick. Gibson initiates a clinch and drives Gamburyan against the fence with 90 seconds left, but Gamburyan circles off the fence and switches from a double-leg to a single, and gets it. Full, open guard for Gibson while blocking Gamburyan's forearm strikes. Gibson creates space and takes a knee but Gamburyan cradles the leg to block the escape. Gibson gets careless with his head position in the scramble and Gamburyan drops back and wrenches a guillotine, then traps Gibson's arm inside while closing his guard. He eventually gets the tapout.

  • Manny Gamburyan defeats Cody Gibson by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:56 R2