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Dana White floats possibility that Anthony Johnson may not fight in UFC again

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Speaking with the media, Dana White suggested that things are very serious for Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and that he might never fight in the UFC again. This was prior to last night's revelation of another incident of alleged abuse.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Bloody Elbow report of allegations of domestic violence leveled against UFC star Anthony Johnson which came out last week led to an indefinite suspension for Johnson. Last night, another report surfaced, this one involving a different woman and allegations of battery in March of this year.

It's a bleak time in the career of Johnson, and UFC president Dana White made it clear just how serious the situation could be for the light heavyweight. ESPN has a report of what White told media yesterday (note: this was prior to the release of the report of the March incident):

"He's not in a good position right now. He was at the biggest point of his career, where he was just on the cusp of making huge money, being involved in huge fights. I wouldn't want to be him right now. He's not in a good position. (An indefinite suspension) doesn't mean he's definitely going to fight here. Even if (the latest allegations) go his way. We'll see what happens."


"You've got to give people a fair f------ shake," White said. "What we have to do as a company and human beings is we have to do what's morally right and then we have to do what's right for the business, too."

We've received no word as of now as to what, if anything, has changed with the release of the March incident. In that case the woman contacted police after filing the report and, "stated she no longer wished to pursue charges for battery or stalking and only wanted these incidents documented."

But that does make three different women since 2009 to have gone to the police with allegations that Johnson had been physically violent with them.