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Eddie Alvarez: Donald Cerrone knows who I am and so does the rest of this division

Newly signed UC lightweight Eddie Alvarez discusses his upcoming encounter with Donald Cerrone, as well as why he believes Donald Cerrone was lying when he stated that he has never watched Eddie fight.

Although Eddie Alvarez does not believe that his upcoming opponent Donald Cerrone has never seen him compete in MMA, he understands why the lightweight competitor has incorporated a deceitful approach ahead of their encounter on Saturday night.

"The best thing you can do in fighting is deceive and lie to your opponent and he is doing it already," Alvarez told "He is lying to you guys (media) and he is already lying to me. He knows who I am. He's seen me. His coaches know who I am - they've seen me and so has the rest of this division."

As a former Bellator champion with experience in the pinnacle of multiple organizations over the years, Alvarez is quite certain that a win over Cerrone would warrant a title shot against the winner between Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez.

"I feel like that. I feel like everybody is making a big deal out of this guy (Cerrone) and they're building him up to be this superhero. I feel like putting him away would just put me on the map.

"Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta know what I can do and they know I should be fighting the champions of this promotion."