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Conor McGregor still plans on becoming champion in 2014: ‘If an opportunity arises I will dive all over it’

UFC featherweight competitor Conor McGregor discusses his goal to become UFC champion in 2014 and how he plans on achieving that feat in the next three months.

Not only does Conor McGregor have no doubt in his chances of emerging vicious on Saturday night, he is still quite certain that his bold prediction of becoming champion in 2014 is still achievable.

"100 percent," McGregor told's Ariel Helwani. "I believe after this fight the title fight is there. I won't mess around. I will keep my weight down. I will stay in the gym. If an opportunity arises I will dive all over it. That is who I am, so there is an avenue right there."

Asked to justify his reasoning, the touted Irishman explained that there will likely be an opening on the year-end card and that he will campaign vehemently to jump the Swanson-Edgar winner and land on that card against the champion.

"Again, the Cub Swanson-Edgar fight could happen and then on the end of year card, they could either do me versus the champion or them versus the champion. What sells more? At the end of the day that's what matters. What makes more money? What do the fans want to see?

‘There is no denying what the fans want to see. They want to see McGregor fight for a world title. There is no denying that."