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Tommy Toe Hold: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier do community service together

Those who can't do teach...

What's up fight fans? Tommy Toe Hold here bringing you another exclusive episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) exclusively on SB Nation. Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were recently mandated by the NSAC to perform community service in the lead up to their fight in January as punishment for the media day brawl that was the most awesome thing that's ever happened. I don't know how I got so lucky, but more than any other sport, hilarity lends itself to mixed martial arts, and Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones performing their community service was just too funny to pass up as a concept. I've decided that Jon and DC will be substitute teaching together, which leaves them unable to say anything that they would probably like to say to each other. The formal setting leads to all sorts of veiled threats in the guise of teaching the youth of today.