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Police reports detail another domestic violence allegation against Anthony 'Rumble' Johnson

In March of this year, one month before his return to the UFC, Anthony Johnson was accused of battery against an ex girlfriend.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Johnson was suspended indefinitely by the UFC following our report last week of accusations of threats and domestic abuse by the mother of his children.

Since that story came to light, more charges against Johnson have surfaced.

A report came out tonight via MMA Junkie stating that the police were called on Johnson in March of this year for an incident involving a different woman, a woman who claimed to have ended her relationship with Johnson in 2012.

According to the police report (which has also been reviewed by Bloody Elbow), March saw an incident where Johnson came to the victim's place of employment when she was alone and "came at her, grabbed her shirt behind the neck and lifted her up from the chair." It continues, "Johnson then grabbed her right arm and pulled it several times to have her closer to him."

Johnson was allegedly asked to leave several times but did not until the police came.

The police report also details bruising on the woman's arm and scratches near her collarbone. She is also described as "crying and shaking" during the initial reporting of the incident.

Also documented is what the police call an apparent "pattern of stalking," which, along with battery charges were to be filed through the State Attorney Office. However, the woman requested that the charges be dropped. The case supplemental report states that the victim "stated she no longer wished to pursue charges for battery or stalking and only wanted these incidents documented."

Of note is that this came a month prior to Johnson's first fight back with the UFC and his fight with Phil Davis.

Johnson also entered a no contest plea in a 2009 domestic violence case, so this is the third different woman to have alleged that Johnson became physically violent with her in the last five years.

Following our report last week the UFC said that they were opening an investigation into the situation.

We will keep you up to speed on any developments in the situation as they become available.