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Emotional Stefan Struve details harrowing UFC 175 fainting spell, hopes to start anew on Dec. 13

UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve speaks publicly for the first time since his fainting spell backstage at UFC 175.

UFC 175 will be remembered as an entertaining night of fights that culminated with two impressive title fights to send the crowd home satisfied. Yet there was another incident that took place that night - one far more distressing.

Preparing for a long-awaited comeback from the sidelines, Stefan Struve suffered a fainting spell induced by a panic attack and was subsequently removed from his feature fight against Matt Mitrione.

While Struve was quick to admit shame and embarrassment due to the situation, he detailed a string of events that made clear the reason behind the loss of consciousness.

"I started to feel a little dizzy and not well, and it took me a little bit to get over that. I ate something, we went down and I felt better. We actually went to the UFC's doctor and told them. They checked me, everything was good, all the functions were good, it had nothing to do with my heart. So we went into the locker room, started to warm up, everything went well. Then I went into the bathroom and I was just walking back and forth, and the tension just became more and more out of nowhere. It was incredible, something I've never experienced.

And I just fell over onto a bucket of ice against the wall."

Much has taken place since that harrowing affair in Las Vegas, including multiple trips to the UFC doctors as well as Struve's doctors back in the Netherlands. Over the past few months, they appear to have determined the root of the incident.

"The night after, my team went to sit down to talk about everything that happened," he said. "They came across a couple people they knew from Holland, and one of them told them that he was using the same medication as me. Then he told us that he had to stop with it because he got into a depression because of it. The medication was messing with his head big-time, especially when something stressful would come up. He was getting very emotional, mood swings and all of that.

Adamant that the incident had nothing to do with his heart, Struve attempted to explain that it was simply the medication that was altering his state of mind and inducing panic attacks.

"It was the medication messing up my head, and my head messing up my body. It had absolutely nothing to do with my heart. The doctor from the UFC and from the state commission immediately came in and checked all my vitals, everything was good. My heart rate was a little high, of course, I had lost control of my breathing because it scared me that I just dropped down like that.

"I was just oversensitive to some of the ingredients of the pill that I used to take. With the medication I'm taking right now, I just feel a lot better. I have a lot more joy in life. I was really... I had lost a lot of joy in life. I didn't feel like doing anything a lot of days, or going somewhere, looking forward to doing something, and my mood would change when I was driving over in the car. It was crazy."

Saddened by the events that have engulfed him over the past year, Struve is looking forward to putting an end to that in December.

"It really sucked, that day," Struve said. "We took a good look at everything that happened, and I think we figured it all out. I can't wait to fight December 13th and close this book full of bad things happening to me."

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