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Tweet of the Day: Jon Jones mourns the loss of his Nike deal

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Never one not to seize a trolling opportunity, Jones released a video showing his reaction to the loss of his Nike deal.

Tom Szczerbowski

Safe to say, Jones looks utterly devastated by the loss of his Nike shoe deal here. It's never easy to have one's dirty laundry aired out in public, as Jones was forced to admit to the NSAC today that his brawl with Daniel Cormier cost him his Nike sponsorship and another deal reportedly worth over "six figures." The following video captures that air of a fighter facing up to a devastating loss, confronting the fact that the broader MMA public now gets to know his shame.

Or, you know, maybe not so much.

Jones is still set to face Daniel Cormier at UFC at UFC 182 this January. In the meantime he'll be figuring out how to deal with getting 40 hours of community service done in Las Vegas while training down in New Mexico. If the champ's twitter feed is to be trusted, that's his biggest worry in the moment.