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Jon Jones lost Nike endorsement following media day brawl

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Jon Jones informed the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he lost his Nike endorsement following his brawl with Daniel Cormier.

It appears that Jon Jones had already faced some financial repercussion ahead of his scheduled appearance in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The UFC light-heavyweight champion informed the NSAC that he had "already been punished" for the UFC 178 media day brawl and has lost several current/potential deals due to the unfortunate incident.

This includes his Nike endorsement.

"I've faced some punishment already," Jones told the commission during his hearing on Tuesday. "I've lost a very big endorsement of mine - one of my biggest. I've lost people who were interested in sponsoring me. Those were going to be gigantic deals."

When pressed to go into detail regarding his endorsement deal, Jones would only mention that it was his "Nike deal" that he had lost.

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