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Fallon Fox wants UFC deal, responds to Ronda Rousey's 'ridiculous bone structure arguments'

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Fallon Fox has responded to Ronda Rousey's recent statements about her having an 'unfair advantage'.

Ronda Rousey recently went on the record on her stance about transgender fighters, saying that it should be evaluated on a case-per-case basis. According to the UFC champ though, Fallon Fox has an unfair advantage, saying that there's no 'undo button' on going through puberty as a man.

Fox has since responded to these 'ridiculous' arguments through Facebook:

"First, I really wish Ronda would stop with the ridiculous bone structure arguments. That was so last year. Second, she should tell her boss to put me in that octagon over there at UFC. I'm quite sure that there are quite a few female MMA fighters who have guts to fight another skilled woman without peeing their panties and saying "No, I wouldn't fight her!". I think they may be a little more mentally tough and say, "I'll fight a trans woman, just like I'll fight a lesbian woman or a black woman." Etc. They may throw all kinds of backwards bogus bone density or bone structure arguments in it to possibly save face if they loose - because they sense that people are ignorant on bones within sport. But, at least some of them are the real deal in the way of fighting."

"Ronda Rousey may not be right about what advantages she thinks that I have. But, at least she isn't mentally weak!"

"And wait... Does that mean that makes Ronda more tough than Meisha Tate? Because Meisha Tate recently said... Oh... Well, I'll just let you all dig to find that one."

She of course was referring to Tate's statements this past year saying that she wouldn't fight Fox because fighting a woman who developed as a man isn't 'safe'.

Fox is 5-1 in her MMA career, and most recently destroyed Tamikka Brents, who reportedly suffered a huge gash, a concussion and a broken orbital bone during the 2 minute contest. This has sparked up even more debate on the whole transgender issue in combat sports, and if you want to watch footage of that bout, you can check it out here.