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Anthony Johnson posts response on Facebook to the 'sh*t ppl will say...just to tell a F**king lie'

The UFC Light Heavyweight posted to Facebook after Bloody Elbow reported that his baby momma had hit him with a restraining order and was making allegations of assault against him.

Esther Lin

Yesterday was a rough day for UFC Light Heavyweight Anthony "Rumble" Johnson. First BE's own Brent Brookhouse reported that the mother of two of Johnson's children has gotten a restraining order and is making allegations of threats and assault against the fighter.

Then the UFC suspended Johnson indefinitely while it investigates the charges. The UFC didn't have much choice in the aftermath of the NFL's disastrous mishandling and cover-up in the Ray Rice incident. Not to mention the huge publicity given to "UFC veteran" War Machine's arrest on a zillion felony charges in an assault on Christy Mack.

Johnson took to Facebook to post a statement: "The shit ppl will say and the lengths ppl will go just to tell a Fucking lie is ridiculous. That's all I'm going to say and thank you all for the support and positive feedback that I'm getting."

Time will tell whether or not the charges against Rumble -- and that's all that we've seen so far, charges and accusations, no compelling evidence -- hold up or fall apart.