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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Epic Jones/DC NSAC Trailer

In a world where the most mundane activities get trailers...

Fight fans, I would be lying entirely if I told you that I do not enjoy these NSAC hearings that have been airing on Fight Pass. They're entertaining on so many levels. If you're fascinated by human behavior, there is great people watching. If you're into the drama and the dirt, you're in for a treat as well.

These hearings, despite being as exciting as a trip to the laundry mat, take our fascination with athletes, legal procedures we are never privy to, and the awkwardness of older people dealing with technology and throw it all together with UFC production value and screen graphics. They're amazing. They're SO amazing. And they deserve a trailer on par with the biggest pay per views. So I maxed out my creative skills to deliver all the things I love about these hearings in 90 seconds of pure stupidity. Enjoy it, fight fans!