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Bloody Elbow Vivisection: Bellator 123 - Curran vs. Pitbull 2

Dallas Winston, Zane Simon, and Victor Rodriguez take on this week's Bellator card, and try to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Okay, no lies here folks. This video was a rough one. Between Victor's terrible internet connection and his teething issues (we're going to get him to stop chewing the scenery, I promise) this Vivi did not go very smoothly. Still, what are you going to do. In a big week with three pretty big shows, there's a lot of ground to cover. We're still planning on doing an Invicta video tomorrow, and of course, our normal UFC breakdown on Thursday. Along with the Care/Don't Care, the Sixth Round, and very likely a bathrobe review. It'll be good... or at least better, I promise. Until then, stick with us, and take a look at this week's Bellator 123 as the Viacom promotion prepares to kick off it's last ever "season."

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