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UFC once again releases Thiago Silva, while Anthony Johnson is placed on an indefinite suspension

The UFC has placed light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson on an indefinite suspension, while Thiago Silva is once again out of the organization.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for the UFC to act on recent developments surrounding Thiago Silva and Anthony Johnson. In two separate statements released today, the promotion confirmed Silva's contract has been terminated yet again after ex-wife Thaysa Kamiji uploaded audio/video evidence detailing his alleged past of cocaine use and domestic abuse:

Thiago Silva was released from his UFC contract on Feb. 7 due to his arrest by police in South Florida. The charges against Silva were dropped by the Broward County District Attorney’s office and Silva was re-signed to the UFC earlier this month. Based on new information received today in the form of video and audio evidence, Silva has been terminated from his UFC contract.

Meanwhile, after news came to light that the mother of Anthony Johnson's children filed a restraining order against him, as well as detailed her own accusations of threats and abuse, the UFC has opted to indefinitely suspend "Rumble":

We are aware of the situation involving Anthony Johnson. As a result, we are suspending him indefinitely. We are using a third-party law firm to conduct a formal investigation and once we have more information, we’ll determine whether further course of action is necessary.

Bloody Elbow will provide more information as it becomes available. For now, Thiago Silva is out of the UFC again, while top 5 light heavyweight Anthony Johnson is indefinitely sidelined.

Thiago Silva was on the MMA Hour when it was expected he'd be back in the UFC:

Rumble was on the MMA Hour earlier this week: