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Ronda Rousey on Fallon Fox: There's no 'undo button' on going through puberty as a man

Ronda Rousey weighs in on the controversial situation involving Fallon Fox and transgender athletes in combat sports.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

The whole transgender issue in combat sports has made headlines once again, as Fallon Fox (5-1)  recently stopped Tamikka Brents, who reportedly suffered a concussion and a broken orbital bone during the 2 minute contest. TMZ approached Ronda Rousey about the situation, and the face of Women's MMA weighed in:

I think it's one of those scenarios when it's a case by case thing. I actually tried to research a lot and I feel that if you already go through puberty as a man, it's something you can't really reverse. But there are people that are earlier on put on hormone replacement therapy until they're of legal age, and they can make a decision to get the sex change later. That would be acceptable, that would be fine because they won't already have developed the bone structure of a man.

You can't just reverse that. There's no 'undo' button on that. On a case by case basis, you really have to look at that, but on Fallon Fox's case I think that she has an unfair advantage. It is outside of her control, but that unfortunately is her scenario. It's unfortunate especially for her competition as well.

Watch footage of Fox's last bout below: