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Melvin Manhoef reveals he was tricked into fighting Mark Hunt

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Kickboxing star Melvin Manhoef recounts a story about how he was tricked into fighting Mark Hunt.

Chris McGrath

Bellator middleweight Melvin Manhoef is not one to reminisce over past glories, yet even he could not help but recount a particularly memorable one in 2008 - when he was hoodwinked into facing Mark Hunt.

Manhoef was coming off a loss to Gegard Mousasi in DREAM and his manager was anxious to get him back in the win column. Soon afterwards, he received a call and was given an enticing offer to fight a far larger heavyweight in Hunt.

"I said, ‘Man, that guy is like 140 kilos (300-plus pounds) or something. I'm 88 kilos. How do you want me to do that?'" he remembers. "(My manager) dropped the subject, but five minutes later, he said, ‘You know, I was working in a bar, and one of my friends was there with his wife. And this big huge guy touched his wife, her butt and her tits. And my friend did nothing. What would you do?'

"I said to him, ‘Man! I would really f-ck that big guy up if he touched my wife!' And (my manager) said, ‘Yeah, that guy is Mark Hunt! So you can fight him.' Then he called the promotion and told them that I'd be fighting. He tricked me into taking that fight."

Manhoef would go on to win the fight via KO in just 18 seconds.

"The left punch hit him so hard that his whole back and everything was shaking," he said. " That fight is very memorable to me."

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