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‘Disappointed’ Alistair Overeem hopes to fight again in 2014

UFC heavyweight Alistair Overeem discusses his recent loss to Ben Rothwell and what he expects of himself over the coming months.

Alistair Overeem is taking his third T/KO loss under the UFC banner in stride.

While disappointed with the outcome of the fight, particularly since he was comfortable with his training camp and his new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Overeem remained level-headed and is now patiently biding his time.

"I'm disappointed in the result of the fight, but you know I was in a great place and I'm still in a great place," Overeem told The MMA Hour. "I think I really found myself at Greg Jackson's. I like the people, and the prep was great. And I know -- I just know -- that all those months of work that I put in are going to come out. It might not have come out in the fight, or the result wasn't there, but I know it's going to come out later. Because I know what I'm doing in the gym...I just know that it's in the right direction. So again, very unfortunately result."

Overeem added that quick losses such as the one he suffered against Ben Rothwell were part of competing in the heavyweight division and that any fight could come down to "one mistake, one blow."

Yet he is not concerned about losing his spot on the UFC roster.

"Not worried, worried is a big word," he said. "It's something that can happen, the UFC can do that after you lose a fight. So it's definitely something that you keep in account. Yeah, it's something that goes through your mind, because they can do it."

The Dutch kickboxer, who was once known for his cocksure attitude, seemed humbled by the loss and stated that all potential opponents are significant obstacles; there are no easy fights to pad records.

"There's no easy fights in the UFC. Everybody's tough. This was something I said before the fight. Don't underestimate Ben. This guy's 280 pounds, he can take a punch and he hits like a truck. It is the UFC, everybody is there to win."

As for his immediate fighting future? Overeem, who insists that he was at no point unconscious during the Rothwell contest, would like to fight again as soon as possible, preferably in 2014.

"[I'd like to fight] as soon as possible, because I was not out," he said. "I was not sleeping. I was just dazed, and Ben capitalized. So I guess if it's up to me, not too far away."

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