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UFC lightweight Eddie Alvarez on Thiago Silva: 'He got a bad hand dealt to him'

UFC lightweight Eddie Alvarez has come to the defense of re-signed light heavyweight and Blackzilians teammate Thiago Silva.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Recently, the UFC chose to re-sign Thiago Silva after notable charges of aggravated assault and battery of his estranged wife, Thaysa Kamiji, were dropped. Kamiji had left the US and would not co-operate with authorities, which led to Silva's case being closed. Controversy has swirled around the UFC's decision, which comes several months after Silva was essentially given the lifetime ban treatment from Dana White.

Just two weeks after Matt Mitrione thanked the UFC for bringing Silva back during his post-fight speech at UFC Fight Night in Connecticut, fellow Blackzilians teammate, former Bellator champion, and UFC 178 co-headliner Eddie Alvarez has also shown up in support of the Brazilian. In an interview with Fox Sports, Alvarez claims that Silva was "dealt a bad hand":

"He was run through the ringer," Alvarez told FOX Sports. "Every once in awhile we all get a bad hand dealt to us. He got a bad hand dealt to him. He went through it and came out unstained and successful. Why not [re-sign him]?"

"He's a hell of a guy," said Alvarez. "It doesn’t shock me that things went the way they went, that he came out unscathed."

Silva, who denies all of the allegations, hasn't fought since a sluggish unanimous decision win over Matt Hamill in October 2013. He does not yet have a bout scheduled for his UFC return.