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Bellator 124: Newton vs. Beltran live results, streaming video and play by play

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Top-to-bottom coverage of tonight's Bellator 124 event, which is helmed by light-heavyweight champ Emanuel Newton defending the strap against Joey Beltran.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow to soak in live results, streaming video of the preliminary card and detailed play by play for Bellator 124: Newton vs. Beltran from the Compuware Arena in Rochester, Michigan.

The awkwardly effective kickboxing of 205-pound champ Emanuel Newton gets top billing, as he puts the belt on the line against the raw gameness of challenger Joey "The Mexicutioner" Beltran. The co-main event features the Light-Heavyweight Tournament finals with undefeated KO-machine Liam McGeary taking on two-time Division II All-American wrestler and Jeff Monson prodigy Kelly Anundson. Now enjoying a resurgence as a bantamweight, former WEC featherweight L.C. Davis draws Zeilton Rodrigues while promotional debutante Ryan Couture opens the main card opposite John Schulz.

I, Dallas Winston, will be cage-side to document the finer aesthetics of tonight's face-punching festivities. In the mean, you are politely encouraged to brush up on the details of the card's fighters and match-ups via this week's MMA Vivisection. The complete Bellator 124 lineup and timetable follows.

***Update*** The arena wi-fi has been unavailable until now, and is still struggling, so apologies for the lack of preliminary card results. I'm not scared to give the main card play-by-play a whirl though.

Bellator 124 Main Card

Emanuel Newton def. Joey Beltran via KO (Spinning Backfist) at 3:07 of Round 3 (LHW Championship bout)

R1: Newton comes out with a hard body kick and Belltran swarms into the clinch and looks for a single leg. Newton fends him off and sticks him with a couple more knees. Newton eventually slips away from Beltran and tries to hit a belly to back suplex. Doesn't get the first one, but hits the second. Beltran works his way to his feet and stays in the clinch. Newton is outstriking him inside, but Beltran is leaning on him. Beltran dives on another double leg, doesn't get it, transitions to the single, doesn't get it, and fires and uppercut which Newton returns. Newton shoots in on a single, ends up behind Beltran and throws him to the mat. Beltran immediately scrambels up and postures and the fighters look to exchange at range. Newton goes for a spinning heel kick upstairs, but misses and drives into the clinch where Beltran peppers him to the body. Newton goes for a takedown doesn't get it and Beltran hits him a few times. Newton disengages, hits Beltran hard with a looping right and then catches him with a couple more shots. Newton circles out, goes for his side kick to the head and Beltran shrugs it off and swarms him into the clinch with body work. They break and the round ends. 10-9 Newton, landed the more effective shots and got the takedowns, but it was a close round.

R2: Newton starts the round with his kicking game at range, thowing spinning heel kicks and side kicks to the body. Beltran is trying to swarm him and eventually catches him in the clinch about a minute in. Newton works his way out, lands a hard knee, and tries to go back to his kicks. Beltran cuts him off immediately, and Beltran swarms him against the fence. They're trading shots, but Beltran is landing a lot more as Newton covers and tries to counter. Newton looks a little frustrated. They separate and Newton goes for a spinning back fist and doesn't land it. Beltran clinches him up, Newton pushes him off and comes forward with a 1-2 and kick combo. Beltran gets him back in the clinch and is throwing a lot of short knees. Newton shrugs him off again and tries to go back to his combo kickboxing, but Beltran's punches are a lot faster and in a lot more volume. Beltran backs newton up and lands a slapping high kick as Newton tries to circle off. Newton is just trying to stay at range and land single big shots. Finally he drives in with a double and gets Beltran down. Beltran lands a couple elbows from bottom and immediately scrambles to his feet. Newton is back to his single strike circling range game and Beltran is chasing. Newton tries to drive for a takedown and doesn't get it, Beltran pops him a couple times as the round ends. 10-9 Beltran.

R3: Newton tries to kick at range, and Beltran swarms him with punches. Newton forgot his mouthpiece though, and the ref stops it to put Newton's moutpiece in. Newton circles away and lands a body kick to the liver. Beltran swarms him with a few punches, Newton throws a side kick, and Beltran shoots for a double. Newton shucks Beltran off and Beltran throws a body kick on the release. Newton back to kicking at range, Beltran coming foward in much more volume throwing punches to the body and head now. Clinches Newton up again and stalls on a takedown. Newton breaks and lands a couple god shots inside, Beltran lands a body kick and Newton looks out of ideas at range. Out of nowhere, Newton hits a spinning backfist, and Beltran is out cold.

Liam McGeary def. Kelly Anundson via Submission (Inverted Triangle) at 4:47 of Round 1 (LHW Tournament Finals)

R1: Anundson comes in looking to land kicks on McGeary at range. Shoots for a poorly timed takedown, and eats a knee hard coming in. Anundson is forced to turtle up and McGeary lands a few shots to his head, and then lets him up. Anundson times his shot much better this time, gets in on the double, takes McGeary down and works his way to half guard. Anundson moves to side control, and McGeary is going for a keylock from the bottom. Anundson lets out a yell of pain and wrenches out of it, Anundson not getting much done on top, tries briefly for a keylock and a north south choke but doesn't come close with either. Now he's landing a bit more ground and pound, but McGeary's legs are giving him trouble as he's trying to wrap Anundson up from side control on bottom, while going back to that weird keylock. It almost works, but Anundson finally wrenches his way out and starts landing elbows with a vengeance from top control. McGeary wraps his legs over again, cinch's up an inverted triangle choke from the bottom and Anundson taps immediately.

L.C. Davis def. Zeilton Rodrigues via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

R1: Davis and Rodrigues circle early, feeling each other out. About a minute in Rodrigues starts to press the fight and comes in wild. He and Davis trade winging shots, Davis doesn't seem to like it, and goes for the takedown. Rodrigues attempts to defend with the guillotine and ends up on the bottom with Davis in side control. After almost a minute of inactivity, Davis starts throwing knees to the side, Rodrigues uses the space to try and stand and ends up regaining guard. As Davis tries to posture, Rodrigues rolls for a kneebar. Davis ends up sitting on top hammering away, and gets free, but dives right back into Rodrigues' guard, who immediately goes back to the leg lock and then the toe hold. Rodrigues switches between different leg lock positions for the rest of the round, but gets nothing. 10-9 Rodrigues as he had the only significant offense.

R2: Davis is executing a little better at range to start the round. Rodrigues counters with a looping hook and Davis immediately shoots in for the takedown. Rodrigues goes right back to the guillotine defense and ends up with Davis in his half guard. Rodrigues shifts to the arm triangle from bottom, but lets it go right away. Davis lands a little ground and pound and goes for his own arm triangle but drops it immediately and ends up back in Rodrigues' guard. Rodrigues puts him in half guard and looks for a kimura, and then transitions to a leg lock, but Davis spins out and ends up back in half guard landing ground and pound. Rodrigues rolls for yet another leg lock, but Davis is shutting him down with much more ease this round. Davis spins out, Rodrigues looks for the arm triangle, and Davis lands a few more shots. Rodrigues looks for one last failed leg lock, and Davis finishes the round peppering him in the head with solid shots. 10-9 Davis, much better top control in round 2.

R3: Rodrigues comes out looking to slug. Davis shoots in under, failed guillotine attempt, rinse and repeat. Rodrigues' submission attempts are getting worse. Looks like Davis and Rodrigues may have collided heads on the takedown, or maybe Davis caught Rodrigues with a punch, because Rodrigues is bleeding pretty bad out of a cut on his forehead. Rodrigues gets half guard, goes for a straight armbar, Davis pulls out of it, Rodrigues rolls for a leg lock, Davis just shuts it down. Rodrigues is getting nothing done. Finally Rodrigues rolls for an armbar, and Davis is forced back into guard, but he postures out and moves to half guard. Rodrigues rolls for a leg lock and Davis snakes out for back control. He locks Rodrigues in an anaconda position, and throws knees to the body. Lands a good knee as Rodrigues tries to get up and shoot for a takedown. Davis looks for a guillotine for a moment, but scrambles right back to his feet, shoots in on Rodrigues, takes him down, and beats him up to end the round. 10-9 Davis. Final score should be 29-28 Davis.

Ryan Couture def. John Schulz via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:01 of Rd 1

R1: Couture gets take down, quickly moves to back mount. Returns to mount, back to back mount and gets the rear naked choke.

Bellator 124 Preliminary Card

(streaming on Bloody Elbow and at 7:00 p.m. ET)

Eric Ramirez def. Cortez Phelia via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:38 of R3
Jason Fischer def. Tony Hervey via unanimous decision (30-26x3)
Leroy Johnson def. Adrian Henderson via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 28-29)
Mike Hernandez def. Thomas Vasquez via unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27)
Sabah Homasi def. Eric Moon via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:07 of R2
Adrian Hadribeaj def.
Mike Hamida via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)