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Christy Mack pictured walking the streets of Las Vegas, War Machine to be extradited to Nevada

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A picture of Christy Mack posted on twitter revealed the recent domestic violence victim walking the streets of Las Vegas, which prompted War Machine loyalists to go on the offensive regarding the severity of her injuries.

Not only has Christy Mack been the victim of a savage domestic abuse incident that left her severely injured, she cannot even walk the streets of Las Vegas without War Machine loyalists insinuating that she was faking it.

The adult film actress found herself unnecessarily defending her actions on twitter after the initial picture was posted with her on the streets. While the image itself was unclear, Mack confirmed that it was her and revealed more upsetting details about her injuries.

Mack immediately responded to doubters on twitter:

In other news, Jon Koppenhaver was transported from Ventura County Jail in California and moved to the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada, where he will face several charges for his vicious beating of Christy Mack.  He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, Sep. 3.