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Metamoris 4 Results: Josh Barnett submits Dean Lister, claims heavyweight title

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Check out results for Metamoris 4 co-headlining Metamoris Heavyweight Championship bout between Josh Barnett and Dean Lister.


Metamoris 4 was headlined by Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao, but the co-headlining bout was also an interesting affair in a bout between catch wrestling ace and former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett taking on multiple time ADCC winner Dean Lister.

The bout was billed to be for the Metamoris Heavyweight Championship, making the match a milestone of sorts for the popular grappling promotion as they crowned their first champion.

Although no belt was awarded, claiming that newly minted title is Josh Barnett as he managed to finish his opponent just seconds before the 20-minute time limit.

Lister pulled guard immediately as the contest started, and four minutes into the contest Barnett was able to pass to side control. He controlled the position for several minutes, and as they reset, Barnett was able to get Lister's back, control position, until he transitioned to side control then to north-south. This is where Barnett had a tight kimura attempt that was the only one that came close during most of the match.

Lister was able to defend but Barnett just continued dominating position all throughout the contest. The contest was looking like it was going to end in a draw, but as the seconds winded down, Barnett was able to secure the fight ending neck crank / choke from scarf hold.

Apart from the match itself, another thing that stood out from the get go was Josh Barnett's outfit, wearing wrestling shoes and tiny "Dan Severn" trunks.

Barnett is 1-1 since returning to the UFC, picking up a win over Frank Mir, and a tough loss against Travis Browne. He has yet to compete in Mixed Martial Arts this year.

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