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Metamoris 4 Results: Andre Gavao submits Chael Sonnen by Rear Naked Choke

Check out results for Metamoris 4 headlining bout between Chael Sonnen and Andre Galvao

Jared Wickerham

Metamoris 4 was headlined by controversial former UFC contender Chael Sonnen and highly decorated BJJ ace Andre Galvao. While the Nevada Athletic Commission tried hard to stop the match from happening by threatening the former UFC star with fines stemming from his failed drug tests, the grappling match managed to push through in the end.

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It was a battle of styles with a talented wrestler being set up against one of the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu had to offer. Sonnen came in as a massive underdog, and in the end it took a total of 14 minutes for Galvao to get the finish by rear naked choke.

Two minutes into the contest, and Sonnen suffers a cut right above his right eyebrow, which caused a stoppage in the contest. As they restarted back in closed guard, Chael spent most of match maintaining top position and fending off any attempts from Galvao.

During the 9-minute mark though, Sonnen defended a takedown and made a costly mistake as Galvao managed to get the back. That was the beginning of the end. Galvao locked in the body triangle, and constantly threatened until he eventually got the rear naked choke finish with 6 minutes remaining.

Following the contest, Sonnen still managed to deliver another interesting promo after the bout.

"They tested me, they cleared me, they hired me, they fired me, they drag me through the mud, and I'm still the toughest SOB on two feet"

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