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War Machine prime suspect in the violent beating of 'significant other'

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War Machine wanted for questioning by Las Vegas police department in relation to a violent altercation that occurred at his home, landing two in the hospital. One of the two is thought to be girlfriend, Christie Mack.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Over the last year and a half, MMA fans have seen many sides of Jon Koppenhaver aka War Machine. The Bellator Welterweight lightning rod has been very outspoken via his Twitter and Facebook accounts on many topics, often posting polarizing statements and photos. One thing that has stood out the most is his roller coaster type relationship with longtime girlfriend, porn star, Christy Mack.

Their ups and downs have been documented frequently on Twitter, even if the status updates are removed later. The point is, their relationship has been tumultuous since the beginning. There have been some behind the curtain rumblings of domestic violence coming from Mack, but in each instance, the tweets were deleted and she ended up back in the arms of her lover.

This time, however, things are a little different. TMZ is reporting that a 3 person altercation occurred at their Las Vegas residence early this morning, and that two of the combatants received severe, albeit non-life threatening injuries that landed both in the hospital. One of the aforementioned injured parties is noted as Koppenhaver's "significant other."

War Machine and Christy Mack on the MMA Hour in June 2013:

At the time of this writing, War Machine is currently wanted by the Las Vegas police department for questioning involving this violent incident. He is an active fighter on the Bellator roster and has served two year-long sentences, just seven months apart.

As always, Bloody Elbow will keep our readers up to date with this story as it develops.