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Video: UFC champ Anthony Pettis lets girlfriend punch him in the face

She's wearing 4 oz. gloves but the critics are already circling the oft-injured champ.

UFC Lightweight champ Anthony Pettis posted the above video to his Instagram feed with the comment:

showtimepettis9 hours agoWhen your girl punches harder than the number 1 contender @uluvlisette #december6th #whenulikeanothergirlspick

He's apparently trying to build interest in his UFC 181 title bout with Gilbert Melendez.

It's a bit of a head scratcher for a number of reasons, not least the number of bouts that Pettis has been forced to pull out of due to injuries. Pettis has been out with an injured knee since submitting Benson Henderson to claim the UFC title at UFC 164.

Due to Pettis and Melendez filming a season of The Ultimate Fighter before fighting, it will be nearly 16 months between bouts for the champ. He repeatedly scheduled and then was forced to pull out of bouts with UFC Featherweight champ Jose Aldo, among other post-poned and cancelled bouts in his career.

Some MMA pundits aren't impressed by Pettis' latest:

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