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UFC announces two new Octagon Girls for Latin America

Zuffa has hired Betzy Montero and Jamillette Gaxiola, Miss Cuba 2009, to be their cageside gals for Latin American events starting with the Ultimate Fighter Latin America and UFC 180.

David Becker

We knew this was coming, but the reality is even better than the anticipation, or is it? Insert jokes about spices, etc here.

The UFC has announced the names of their inevitable regional Octagon girls for Latin America: Betzy Montero and Jamillette Gaxiola. Hope they're up to the responsibility.

The Costa Rican Montero and Miss Cuba 2009 Gaxiola who now resides in Mexico are slated to carry their first round cards on The Ultimate Fighter Latin America starting August 25 on UFC Fight Pass and will air on Televisa in Mexico.

Look for them cage side at UFC 180 in Mexico City when TUF coaches Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum contend for Cain's UFC Heavyweight championship.

Fox has a gallery of pics of both ladies.

I need another twenty-five words or so to get Google's attention so here you go: ay caramba! viva! habenero! chilita! aqui! aqui!

Ok I need like five more and I'm out of ideas, oh wait, I'm done.

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