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Frank Shamrock says 'fragile relationship with Ken has grown' + 'Gym Rescue'

MMA legend, Frank Shamrock, tells us how his relationship has changed with his brother, Ken, since the two reconciled last year on a TV special, and if he still wants to fight his brother. Plus, more details on Spike TV's "Gym Rescue" and what is in store for the show!

MMA legend Frank Shamrock spoke with The Fight Nerd this week to talk about his new show on Spike TV, changes in Bellator MMA, current events, and some MMA history!

In the first part of this interview, Frank talks about his new show on Spike TV "Gym Rescue", which features him and Randy Couture traveling around the US and fixing rundown and failing gyms that need a shove in the right direction. Frank explains what the biggest challenge of working with these businesses were, if there were any bad traits that were common through all of the facilities and what other gym owners should be aware of with their own businesses, and what the future plans are for this three-episode mini-series.

We also look back to another documentary that aired on Spike TV last year, "Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood", which featured the reconciliation between Frank and his brother, Ken Shamrock. Frank explains how his relationship has changed since then, if the two are still communicating today, and whether or not he would still fight Ken if he was not retired and in fighting condition.

If you are unable to view the Ooyala player, or want to embed this video somewhere, go to this link to view the video on Youtube.

"Gym Rescue" debuts this Sunday night, August 10th, at 10 PM EST on Spike TV.