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Buakaw apologizes for abuse video: 'I did not mean to hurt the dog'

Following the release of a video in which noted kickboxer Buakaw Banchamek was shown making a puppy yelp while teasing it, he has offered a public apology.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Honestly, I'll say that I haven't watched the 'Buakaw abusing a puppy' video. It would just make me angry in a useless way, that wouldn't really improve my life at all. That said, it's good to see the subject of the video, noted kickboxing and Muay Thai star Buakaw Banchamek offering something of a public apology for his actions. Buakaw published the statement on Thursday, via Instagram:

To anyone who watched this video, I want to apologize if you were offended in anyway. The dog you saw in this video is name Milo. When he and his brothers were little, people tried to poison them to get rid of them. We at the gym adopted Milo and his brother cafe, and gave them a home and love. I was playing with the dog and it was misinterpreted, I didn't mean to hurt the dog. The video was deleted and someone hacked the video. We ask you to please not share or comment any bad opinions of this misunderstanding. Know that Milo has a great family with us and is well taken care of! Sorry again. Buakaw Banchamek

He also offered some cute dog pictures of Milo and his brother, Cafe:


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