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Russian kickboxing champion Alexander Bolshakov charged after gang detained with over 70kg of narcotics

European kickboxer Alexander Bolshakov was charged with the attempted transportation of over 70 kilograms of narcotics into Russia, including cocaine and hashish.

It is not often you get to hear about a kickboxer who also happens to run a drug smuggling business on the side.

Well today is your lucky day.

European kickboxing champion Alexander Bolshakov, who holds a 22-0-1 record as a professional, appears to have been brought to justice after it was discovered that he ran a drug smuggling gang that attempted the transportation and sale of narcotics from Latin America.

According to Russian website, the kickboxer and his entire gang were accused of attempting to smuggle and distribute 72 kg of narcotics from the Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo. Apart from 12 kg of cocaine, the Federal Drug Control Service found an additional 60 kg of narcotics including hashish.

It appears that Bolshakov is the leader of the gang, which was revealed when members of his crew were detained in the St Petersburg airport and that ultimately led to his arrest shortly thereafter.

Here are more details from the article:

"It is reported that Bolshakov instructed one of the wards to buy 12 kilograms of cocaine in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. As you understand, dear readers of MMABoxing, the courier was detained and brought justice to the head of criminal community whom there was a known kickboxer Alexander Bolshakov.

It is known that in the past Bolshakov worked in FDCS as the employee and therefore this case looks even more defiant, discrediting official authority and reputation of single combats. Charge under article 229.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation part 4 that plus a penalty to one million rubles threatens with imprisonment from 15 to 20 years is brought to all gang, but can also be threatened with lifelong terms of imprisonment."

Watch his most recent fight here:

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