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Art Davie on Steroids in Old School UFC & Fighter's Unions

The original creator of the UFC explains what his company did to deal with steroids & drug testing in the early UFC events, plus his thoughts on if a fighter's union could ever be a reality.

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In 1993, the UFC held their first event in Denver, Colorado, planting the seeds for an entire sport to begin growing out of this barely legal event. The mastermind behind the concept was Art Davie, who held onto an idea for years until he was finally able to turn it into a reality. Davie has just released a book explaining the history of the first UFC and all of the tumultuous events leading up to it, and I had a chance to chat with him about damn near everything!

In the sixth and final part of this epic interview with Mr. Davie, we discuss some modern aspects of the sport, including the globalization and growth of MMA around the world, and whether it is better to have one huge league, or multiple big companies. Davie also tells us what the old SEG UFC did in terms of drug testing & steroid use, and gives us his opinion on the concept of a fighter's union and if there can be such a group, fighter safety, and more importantly, if there will be a follow-up book about more UFC events in the near future.

If you are unable to view the Ooyala player above, or want to embed the video on another site, head to the Youtube version at this link here.

If you want to check out Art Davie's new autobiography and uncensored tell-all about the first UFC event, head over to this link here to pick up "Is This Legal?: The Inside Story of The First UFC from the Man Who Created It". It comes with The Fight Nerd seal of approval as a must-have for MMA history fans!