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NAC chairman Aguilar gave impression that Sonnen couldn't be fined for competing in Metamoris

Nevada Athletic Commission chairman, Francisco Aguilar implied last month that Chael Sonnen couldn't be fined for competing at Metamoris this weekend.

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In the continuing saga of Chael Sonnen vs NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), a video has surfaced showing the commission's current chairman, Francisco Aguilar giving a very contradictory statement last month, compared to the stance they've recently taken against the retired UFC star. Earlier this week, Jeremy Botter of Bleacher Report was the first to break the news that the commission was threatening to fine Sonnen $250,000 for each failed drug test if he competes in his scheduled match against Andre Galvao at Metamoris 4 this Saturday.

However, in a video released late last month, Aguilar specifically stated,

"Anything sanctioned under our rules as an unarmed combat," Aguilar said, explaining what Sonnen could not do. "I believe he's in wrestling? And wrestling is not subject."

When the journalist told Aguilar that it was a "no-gi grappling" match, Aguilar replied with, ‘Right.'

Sonnen's attorney, Ross Goodman has drafted and sent letters to the commission referencing the statements Aguilar made in the video saying,

"Notably, you specifically confirmed that wrestling and no gi grappling are NOT covered by the suspension," Goodman wrote to Aguilar.

The term "unarmed combat" is defined in the NAC's rules as "boxing or any form of competition in which a blow is usually struck which may reasonably be expected to inflict injury."

FOX Sports spoke to Aguilar earlier today, and confirmed that if Sonnen competes he will be fined by the commission.

Metamoris events are not overseen by any athletic commission, including California, where it's being held.

CSAC executive officer Foster said,

"Zero jurisdiction," California State Athletic Commission executive officer Foster told FOX Sports on Monday.  "It's because it's not full contact. He can grapple if he wants to."

Sonnen plans to travel to Los Angeles on Thursday and intends to compete in the event, feeling that if it's not peaceably resolved, he'll take his chances and pursue legal action against the commission if necessary, according to his attorney (Goodman).

Bloody Elbow will continue to keep its readers up to date on this story as more information becomes available.

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