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Wanderlei Silva calls out Dan Henderson, Hendo accepts

With Chael Sonnen out for the next two years due to multiple drug test failures, Wanderlei Silva, who doesn't seem to think he'll be suspended for ducking a drug test, is calling out Dan Henderson, who accepts.


Fresh off fleeing an attempt by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to drug test him, former Pride champ and current UFC star Wanderlei Silva is looking for a new prospective opponent. He's out a foe since Chael Sonnen got a two year suspension for failing to flee a pair of NSAC drug tests of his own.

No worries though, Wandy has cleared up the confusion and cleared himself to fight, so let's get it on!

Wanderlei took to the Brazilian media to call out old Pride rival Dan Henderson who took his Pride Middleweight (205 pound) belt back in 2007. Translation by Fernando Arbex.

"I want to be back soon to make the 50th fight of my career. I would like it to be in a special card. It's not news that I want to face Vitor Belfort or Chael Sonnen. But Dan Henderson is other guy that I want to fight, it's a viable possibility. We're 1-1 tied and it would be nice to have a tiebreaker of our score. In my last fight at Pride, I lost my belt to him and I couldn't have a rematch because we left. If this fight happens, I'll ask him to bring the belt so the winner can have it after the fight."

"This fight could happen in any place of the world. It would be beautiful to happen at a soccer stadium in Curitiba, Brazil, where I'm from. The UFC are promoting a lot of cards and there are a lot of fights that people even don't know that will happen. But Wanderlei Silva vs. Dan Henderson would sell very well. A bout between champions has to be considered a big show."

Henderson, last seen getting rag dolled by Daniel Cormier at UFC 173tweeted his response:

Whaddya think? Will this bout ever happen? Do you care if it does?