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Video: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier offer thoughts on media day brawl

Following the extraordinary incident that took place in the lobby of the MGM Grand on Monday afternoon in Las Vegas, UFC 178 headliners Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier weighed in on their respective emotions following the brawl.

The MMA universe got an expected jolt of excitement on Monday afternoon when a fairly standard media day face-off turned into a full-blown brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier in the lobby of the MGM Grand.

The UFC 178 headliners had initially butted heads, which Cormier reacted to by forcefully shoving Jones away from him. This clearly irritated ‘Bones', who launched himself at Cormier and began throwing punches with vicious intent. It was an ugly incident but one that led to an extraordinary surge of momentum for the PPV.

Following the incident, both Jones and Cormier were asked to offer their thoughts over what had happened moments before. Neither appeared pleased with themselves and displayed some remorse for their actions. The also vowed to finish what they started on September 27 in Las Vegas.

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