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Video: Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier at Sports Center following Brawl

Here's the video from ESPN Sports Center, where Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier appeared just a few moments after their infamous brawl.

For those that missed their earlier telecast, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were both interviewed at Sports Center following their infamous brawl at a UFC 178 press conference. ESPN has just posted footage of the segment, and you can watch the clip above. Both men traded barbs, but the most interesting portion to me was when Todd Grisham pointed out how Jones was acting completely different in the interview, from his actions during the brawl and social media right after.

"Well Jon, you're being very polite now, but on twitter just a few moments ago, you had some very pointed things to say about 'DC'. That doesn't seem like the type of persona you are projecting right now."

"Oh no, these things were factual," Jones responded, "We did get in a little scuffle just now. Daniel Cormier being an Olympic-level wrestler, I thought it would be a lot harder to get him to the floor. Sure enough, if you look up the videos -- that I'm not very proud of -- He was the one getting off his back and people were pulling me off the top of him. So yeah, that's what I said, and it's true."

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Cormier of course, didn't pull back with words of his own.

"First off, this voice that Jon Jones is talking in... You should've heard the voice he was in just 2 minutes ago. What in the world is this?" he says, "This guy is such a fake human being. He's a fake individual."

"He's weak. He's a punk. He's a liar. He's dishonest. He's a whole bunch of things, that he should not be proud of being."

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