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Jon Jones' Manager denies punching Daniel Cormier during Brawl: 'I broke it up'

Manager Malki Kawa has denied punching Daniel Cormier during that brawl with Jon Jones during a UFC 178 press conference.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier came to blows in an ugly scene during a UFC 178 press conference. One of the talking points on social media during the whole situation though, was Jones' manager, Malki Kawa appearing to have thrown a few punches towards Cormier during the chaos. It was obviously hard to tell from first viewing, but he has firmly denied this on twitter:

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At best, it may have looked questionable on one angle, but during a frame by frame gif from another perspective, it really looks perfectly clear that Kawa didn't throw a punch and simply grabbed Cormier to separate the two. Watch the clip below:

Case closed.

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