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Renan Barao speaks out on weight cutting fiasco: ‘The whole problem is I got up too fast and I blacked out’

UFC bantamweight competitor Renan Barao is disappointed about the UFC 177 fiasco but claims that his issues had nothing to do with his actual weight cut.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

While the entire UFC 177 fiasco was based on Renan Barao's inability to make weight ahead of his title fight rematch, as well as his subsequent hospitalization, the Brazilian does not believe the fault is with his weight cutting methods at all.

In fact, he believes that the entire incident was a freak accident due to him hitting his head on the bathroom wall.

"I was dehydrating in the bathtub, I fainted, I hit my head, I was taken to the hospital," Barao told UFC colour commentator Joe Rogan during the prelims card on FOX Sports 1. "I don't remember anything that happened before or after, I just remember being waken up in the hospital. I was fine, my weight was around what I regularly come in for a fight. Everything was fine, everything was going great. The whole thing was I hit my head in the bathtub. I've had 35 fights cutting weight this method, it's always been fine for me."

While Barao regrets the entire fiasco, he has no intention of altering his weight cutting tactics and will simply await his opportunity to avenge his title loss.

"The whole problem is I got up too fast and I blacked out, so that was the whole issue. [I cut] around 10 kilos. I'm very sad to not be fighting, this was a dream come true. I'm very disappointed and I want to come back and I want to face TJ. He's been saying a lot of things and I want to come and tear his head off. I'm disappointed to let down the UFC and all the fans who came out and I want to make [Dillashaw] eat everything he's been saying about me."

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