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UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto live results, play by play and discussion

Bloody Elbow has top-to-bottom coverage of tonight's UFC 177 pay-per-view event including live results, detailed play-by-play and a forum to discuss the action.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, play by play and discussion of UFC 177: Dillashaw vs. Soto from the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. Yesterday's weigh-in yielded a catastrophic change when former bantamweight champion and main-event participant Renan Barao was unable to hit the mark. Barao has been scratched from the card and UFC debutante Joe Soto has been drastically upgraded from the preliminary card to a headlining role on the pay-per-view (PPV) with the original bout's championship implications remaining intact.

Live results and play by play will commence with the Fox Sports 1 preliminary card (8:00 p.m. ET) and continue on with the UFC 177 PPV broadcast (10:00 p.m. ET). Feel free to peruse this week's UFC 177 MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis and predictions for the entire card.

UFC 177 Main Card 

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Joe Soto (UFC Bantamweight championship)

R1: Tentative start though Dillashaw starts to rev up his angles and footwork. Dillashaw chops out Soto's lead leg with an outside low kick. Soto catches the next kick but it's Dillashaw who somehow drives him back on one leg, then takes back mount in a scramble, showing light-speed transitions. Soto stays patient and shakes him off, ducking a left kick on the restart. Soto catches Dillashaw with a short right, then connects with a stiff and straight right. Now a glancing left from Soto.

Dillashaw lands lightly with a low kick and Soto grazes with another left. Soto sneaks in another straight shot. Dillashaw is all head movement and angles and Soto is standing his ground with simple and straight punches. Another right hand from Soto and it's followed by an inside low kick. 10-9 Soto.

R2: Soto doubles ... nay, triples up on connecting right hands to start the second. Dillashaw slips a quick right through, then lands two outside low kicks. Level-change fake to uppercut lands with a thud for Dillashaw. Dillashaw, who's been in southpaw, has relaxed his movement and is controlling range better with his jab and left cross. Soto steps in for a left to the body. Stiff jab from Soto.

Dillashaw shells on Soto's next flurry and slices a left hand through. The champ goes back to orthodox after a low kick and works his right cross. Dillashaw's next low kick lands but Soto answers in kind. Now it's Soto walking Dillashaw down though Soto's landing rate has plummeted in this round. 10-9 Dillashaw.

R3: Outside low kick from Dillashaw, then a busy flurry while moving forward. They throw kicks simultaneously but Dillashaw's is tighter and looks to land to the chin. A left downstairs and a right hand upstairs from Dillashaw, who keeps on the throttle by stringing aggressive combos together. Soto shoots a takedown after a front switch kick from Dillashaw but nothing's doing.

Dillashaw snaps three to four right hands from southpaw and then changes levels, nailing the first complete takedown of the fight. Soto is slippery and creates enough space to escape. Dillashaw misses with a lead right hook but connects with a left body kick. Liver shot and right kick lands for Dillashaw, who strikes nicely "in opposites." Dillashaw stays in his face but Soto reminds him that he's still wary on occasion with a straight right. Ridiculous volume striking to close the round from Dillashaw, who throws a four-punch combo and closes with a kick. 10-9 Dillashaw.

R4: Dillashaw heaves an uppercut and sails a high kick over Soto's head. Inside leg kick scores for Dillashaw, who's staying in southpaw. Soto is still game and throwing back though, popping a right and left hook to Dillashaw's body. Uppercut/left hook from Dillashaw, who switches to orthodox and unloads again. Dillashaw is easily the busier fighter but he's yet to land anything momentous.

More volume punching from Dillashaw and then a takedown with 90 seconds left. Soto goes to the rubber guard to control Dillashaw's posture and it's effective. Soto scrambles free with 30 seconds left and they close the frame standing. 10-9 Dillashaw.

R5: Soto dives on a single leg early but Dillashaw limp-legs out. Dillashaw uncorks a left high kick and a volley of punches but it looks like Soto defends the barrage well. A lot of side to side and handiwork from Dillashaw but it's his straight left kick down the middle that eventually connects. Dillashaw unreels a half-dozen punches and closes his combo with a right high kick that puts Soto first on rubber legs, and then down to the canvas.

  • T.J. Dillashaw defeats Joe Soto by KO (head kick) at 2:20 of Round 5

Danny Castillo vs. Tony Ferguson

R1: Ferguson darts forward and chops with a hard inside low kick. Castillo tries to time his next kick but can't connect and Ferguson snaps another loud low kick to the legs. More kicks from Ferguson with a left one landing clean. Ferguson is marching forward and going to work with kicks and punches. Castillo finally stands his ground and sits down on a one-two to back him off. Ferguson peels off a one-two and catches Castillo with the two. More straight rights from Castillo to keep Ferguson at bay but he's relentless in his pursuit.

Ferguson lands a short right and then catches a strong front headlock when Castillo ducks his head, quickly transitioning to and dropping back for a tight D'arce choke. Ferguson traps Castillo's free arm with his legs to prevent him from hand-fighting the choke. It's a stand-off of sorts as Castillo stays calm, and he eventually slips his head out. Heels on hips for Ferguson in guard to create space and he nearly passes the leg for a triangle as Castillo over-compensates to swallow up the open distance. 10-9 Ferguson.

R2: Ferguson starts in southpaw and wheels out a left kick to the body. Ferguson looks for the left hook as Castillo's circling angle remains on that side. They tie up and Ferguson can't complete the trip. Ferguson continues his predatory stalking and connects with a hard inside low kick. Double right hands from Castillo bounce off Ferguson's guard. Glancing left hook for Castillo. Then an angle jab. Castillo may have injured his leg or a knee when fending off a Ferguson takedown.

Castillo catches the rear waist cinch and Ferguson immediately somersaults forward and grabs a leg lock along the way; a beautiful but risky transition. Castillo ends up on top but Ferguson pushes off the cage to hit a nice sweep, then lets the position go to pursue a guillotine. Castillo gets out re-engages in Ferguson's guard, but he keeps his head on Ferguson's chest despite a smattering of short punches. Ferguson looks to scramble free but Castillo goes to the body lock to hold him down. Elbows to the head from Ferguson in guard. 10-9 Ferguson.

R3: Castillo shoots and Ferguson shucks it off. Castillo pieces together a nice combination that lands. Wild right hand whiffs for Castillo, and Ferguson gets a little too reckless by rolling into a kneebar attempt from the standing position. Castillo lands a hammer-fist and jumps on top but Ferguson goes right into a kimura. Castillo freezes and locks his hands while turtling to prevent the submission. Ferguson looks to stretch him out and smoothly steps over into back mount. Castillo scrambles free and Ferguson is too lose on the armbar attempt, and also tries for a triangle once he's back in guard.

Castillo has no time to settle in as Ferguson takes a knee and threatens to stand -- Castillo scoops up a leg and dumps Ferguson on his back, then repeats the process again. Ferguson continues to throw elbows as Castillo buries his head in his chest, not even attempting to strike. More elbows from Ferguson. Now a pressure-release elbow from Ferguson. Castillo pinches the legs to pass to mount but Ferguson immediately slips his legs out. Castillo gets in arm-triangle position to close the frame as Ferguson gives the thumbs up. 10-9 Ferguson for a clean sweep on my card (offense>control).

  • Tony Ferguson defeats Danny Castillo by split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

Shayna Baszler vs. Bethe Correia

R1: Baszler closes distance pumping a jab and locks horns with Correia. Knees to the body from Baszler, then she half pulls guard as Correia goes for a takedown, more than content to work from her guard. Deep half guard from Baszler, then a closed full guard after Correia bangs a few short forearms off her head. Baszler slings her left leg over using strong wrist control on the same side, angling her hips for a triangle or armbar. She settles on the triangle but Correia stays compact and slips out.

Back on the feet, Baszler is able to clinch up after Correia heaves a few shots. It's a clingy over-under clinch from Baszler, who moves into a high-crotch attempt. Correia steps out of it and then limp-legs out of the attempt to transition to a single leg. Correia lands two short lefts as Baszler gets a little desperate for the takedown. Correia lands two elbows to the back but Baszler's persistence pays off and she picks the ankle to land on top, ending the round pursuing a top-side choke. 10-9 Baszler.

R2: Double left hooks, one downstairs and one up, start the round for Correia. Baszler clinches up but Correia stiff-arms the face and lands a pressure-release elbow, then backs off with a nonstop flurry of heavy punches. Correia stays on the trigger and tees off, forming up one combination after another and landing many unhindered blows. Baszler covers up through most of it but fires back once or twice. Correia smashes a left hook to the liver and it succeeds in dropping Baszler's guard, and Correia finishes her off with punches.

  • Bethe Correia defeats Shayna Baszler by TKO (punches) at 1:56 of Round 2

Carlos Diego Ferreira vs. Ramsey Nijem

R1: Nijem peels off a combo in Ferreira's face right out of the gate. Nijem catches a front kick and heaves Ferreira down, just missing with a head kick as returns to his feet. Chopping outside low kick connects for Nijem, who's using angles in retreat and picking his spots to plant and bomb counters. Nijem broadsides Ferreira while he's off-balance during a kick and hits a single, then hammers a few short elbows before disengaging.

Back on the feet, Nijem's crisp combos lance through the defense of Ferreira, who can't seem to match Nijem's striking and wrestling enough to impose his Jiu-Jitsu. Nijem ducks under a Ferreira combo to nail a power double before ejecting back to his feet. Ferreira chases after Nijem and clips him with a left hand, and it looks to wobble Nijem, who dives on a single leg. Ferreira hits a rolling kimura and looks to transition to an armbar or triangle but the fence impedes the flow and Nijem slips out. Gotta go 10-9 Ferreira for imposing the most effective offense.

R2: Nijem walks into a right hand and falls into a halfhearted single leg attempt, and Ferreira drops back for a tight guillotine. Nijem slips his head out and Ferreira closes his guard to keep him in place. Nijem backs out as soon as the guard opens and stands up, but gets shellacked with another punch while getting sloppy on his third punch of the combo, and it drops him.

  • Carlos Diego Ferreira defeats Ramsey Nijem by TKO (punches) at 1:53 of Round 2

Damon Jackson vs. Yancy Medeiros

R1: Medeiros dings Jackson with a couple of short lefts while moving in reverse with good angles. Jackson glues himself on a minute deep and Medeiros retracts his hips and throws short shots with an underhook. Jackson sneaks in a punch and goes back to attacking the hips. Medeiros lands a knee to the body, circles off the fence and scores with another. His next knee finds the cup of Jackson and we pause for the low-blow recovery.

Spinning heel kick misses for Medeiros but he dances left and snaps Jackson's head back with an angle uppercut. Jackson ties up again but can't hit the body lock throw despite two committed attempts. Medeiros snares on a tight guillotine to disrupt Jackson's third attempt and digs to the body, then splashes more leather in Jackson's face after he defends it. 10-9 Medeiros.

R2: Medeiros keeps the pressure on with left hooks and a Superman punch but can't find the mark until his left scores about 45 seconds in. More lefts in Jackson's grill as he dives after another takedown. Medeiros defends with the front headlock and transitions to the arm-in guillotine when Jackson gets sloppy with his head penetration, then keeps the no-arm guillotine cinched tight after Jackson tries to escape but can only remove an arm -- he taps and passes out.

  • Yancy Medeiros defeats Damon Jackson by submission (no-arm guillotine) at 1:52 of Round 2

Preliminary Card

Derek Brunson vs. Lorenz Larkin

R1: Larkin unbolts a left/right hook combo before digging in underhooks to repel Brunson's clinch. Larkin gets a glove in front of a Brunson high kick before planting one of his own to the ribs. Larkin evades a takedown and scores with a retreating uppercut, then looks to land a right as Brunson charges in to lock horns again. Stiff arm to the hip and an underhook keep Larkin afoot as Brunson tries to work his wrestling on the fence.

Brunson peels his head out and goes for a single leg, then bails on it to ding Larkin in the face with a left. Brunson latches on again and starts to snap down with the front headlock before switching to a guillotine. The catch attempt is legit and Larkin falls to his back fighting it off. He gets loose. Brunson hops on his back in pursuit of a choke and Larkin rolls back into guard. 10-10: Larkin won almost exactly half of the round with striking and Brunson took the last half with grappling.

R2: Larkin side steps Brunson's bull rush and stays in southpaw. Back to orthodox and a right low kick whiffs for Larkin. Brunson tries a duck-under takedown but Larkin stays light on his toes to fend it off. Cracking body kick scores for Larkin. No set up on Brunson's shot but he gets the ankle pick at 3:23 and moves into side mount. Larkin gets half guard and cradles a leg to get full guard.

The halfway mark yields Brunson in full guard and a few scattered boos from the crowd. Heel-to-hip escape for Larkin and he gets enough space to take a knee but gives up his back. No hooks in for Brunson in the back ride and Larkin squirts out, attacking with punches and a knee. Brunson takes him back down and Larkin nearly rolls him overhead but has to settle for guard. Brunson glances with a forearm while maintaining control. 10-9 Brunson.

R3: Larkin looks gunshy until he fires off a right body kick. Brunson clinches and can't snag a single leg. Short left to the head from Larkin but he's on his back a second later. Larkin gets lazy with his left arm and flirts with the danger of a top-side arm triangle from Brunson, and continues to mis-position the same arm on the next two adjustments. Larkin tries to bury his head for safety with the deep half guard and then surprisingly goes after a leg lock that Brunson shuts down.

Brunson uses the body lock from on top to amplify his control-oriented strategy and scattered boos ring out from the crowd once again. Brunson throws a few 2-3 inch punches betwixt prolonged endeavors to maintain top control. Larkin gets free with a few seconds and can't capitalize with a salvo, though it's not for a lack of effort. 10-9 Brunson. I have him up 30-28.

  • Derek Brunson defeats Lorenz Larkin by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Anthony Hamilton vs. Ruan Potts

R1: Potts fires a right low and left high kick; Hamilton steps in and rag-dolls him with a school-bully takedown from body lock. Potts underhooks in side control and gets back to his feet with a lot of space and no repercussions. Potts looks to catch Hamilton on the crown of the head with a short cross and gets an underhook to avoid being tossed again. Potts attempts a whizzer counter throw but it fails and he ends up on his back. Hamilton disengages and lets him up.

Hamilton alternating between clinch rushes and targeting Potts' head with an uppercut. This time Potts ducks his head down into the same spot and Hamilton punts him in the face with a left kick and then bowls him over for another easy takedown. Potts goes on one hip with the kimura grip but Hamilton breaks his grip and lands rights to the ribs. Potts ... well, Potts does nothing until Hamilton steps out and lets him up again. Potts' return to the upright position is brief as Hamilton drives him into the canvas and lets him up for a third time. Potts glances with a kick. 10-9 Hamilton.

R2: Hamilton ducks under a lazy hook to grab a single leg but settles for the over-under clinch on the fence. Hamilton effortlessly dumps Potts with a shift of his hips, then backs out and they restart standing. Potts throws two kicks but his third is caught and converted to a single leg from Hamilton. Hamilton stays in guard this time, cramming his forearm across the throat of Potts and then posturing up to rip right hands to the body.

Hamilton persists with the hammering right hands and a softball-size welt quickly appears on the left side of Potts' ribcage. Potts once again takes a statuesque and static approach to half guard and lies there taking endless punishment until the ref steps in.

  • Anthony Hamilton defeats Ruan Potts by TKO (punches) at 4:17 of Round 2

Cain Carrizosa vs. Chris Wade

R1: Carrizosa comes forward behind a wall of aggressive punches and clinches up but Wade counters with a powerful head-and-arm throw, falling into the scarf hold position. Wade uses head control to shut down's Carrizosa's attempt to roll out and maintains it to stay on a half back-ride. Wade adjusts his grip and cinches on an arm-in guillotine, first falling back into guard and then sweeping into full mount to elicit the quick tapout.

  • Chris Wade defeats Cain Carrizosa by submission (guillotine) at 1:12 of Round 1