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Results and gifs: Brandon Rios wins by DQ in bizarre brawl with Diego Chaves

Brandon Rios was able to get his hand raised against Diego Chaves, but the excellent fight ended via DQ when the referee couldn't keep himself from overreacting.

Stephen Dunn

Branon Rios' bout with Diego Chaves got off to the kind of start that make for the best Rios fights.

The two men stood toe to toe, throwing heavy power shots and giving as good as they got. As the boxing world was reacting with excitement, the bout took a strange turn when Chaves was deducted a point in round three that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Referee Vic Drakulich suddenly became the focus of the fight as he deducted the point from Chaves for what seemed to be holding, but without any real warning.

In round five, with the action still going at a high level, Drakulich took a point from Rios.

By round six, both men were losing their cool. They would lock up in a clinch, throw headbutts, hold, rub forearms on each other's eyes, pretty much every dirty move in the book. Rather than truly take control, Drakulich started yelling as Rios and Chaves yelled at him and each other.

Drakulich would take yet another point from Chaves in round eight as it became clear that this fight was headed for a disqualification.

Round nine saw a sort of pro-wrestling style DDT and then, moments later, the end of the fight. The two men clinched, Chaves and Rios were both holding each other's arms and when Drakulich broke them up, he pushed Chaves back and called the fight off, disqualifying him.

Rios and his corner were yelling at Chaves, who seemed quite confused as to why he was DQ'ed.

It was a bizarre night for Nevada officials as judges did a horrible job with the Jesse Vargas fight and Drakulich seemed far too interested in being involved, rather than handling a very rough fight in the way that better refs have throughout history.

At the time of the stoppage Chaves was up 75-74 on two cards with Rios up 75-74 on the third.

Here are some gifs of the action, courtesy of Zombie Prophet on Twitter:




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